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Policy Options to
a Radical Recovery


The Ecozoic Policy Project contributes to ecological political economic alternatives as related to priorities of L4E and partners:  

  1. inspire narrative shifts by raising awareness among practitioners, scholars, activists, and their communities regarding an ecological economic paradigm. 

  2. support ecological political economic alternatives through systemic and structural analysis of practices and cases and engagement in participatory learning with strategic partners. 

  3. provide training and experience in real-world engagement for students and supporting faculty by employing methods and generating outputs that influence the form and direction of ecological political economies and their implementation.  


L4E strategies of the project:

  • Enable emergence of a community of practice around the L4E vision.

  • Implement participatory place-based research-to-action projects.

  • Engage the full L4E community in strategic communications and advocacy. 

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An Ecozoic era distinguished by mutually enhancing relationships between a plurality of human societies and the planetary communities of life: a world where many worlds flourish

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To advance social-ecological justice and pathways to the Ecozoic through ecological political economy. 

The Ecozoic Policy Project for Social-Ecological Justice works within higher education to inspire new worldviews and transformative political economies grounded in social-ecological justice, and to provide training and experience in research-to-policy for a network of leaders and communities enabling a just transition to an Ecozoic era.

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