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To build an institutionally based, transdisciplinary learning community which collectively works to enable the emergence of the Ecozoic for the benefit of the flourishing of the community of life. 


To facilitate a paradigm shift towards the Ecozoic within higher education and in collaboration with civil society.


L4E’s central theory of change is that establishing university based projects that invest in emerging leaders who are driven to work toward bringing about a transition to a mutually-enhancing human/ecosphere relationship will help create pathways to the Ecozoic Era.

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L4E intends to make meaningful contributions to new institutions and patterns of human habitation that support the flourishing of the community of life. To support, communicate, and animate this cultural revisioning, the L4E partnership is grounded in Guiding Principles of:



We conduct intentional & directed reimagining & explore possible reorganizations & revisioning of existing human systems to enable the Ecozoic.

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We view leadership as a practice, not a position. We strive to give, not take; power, tools and knowledge. We are ecocentric not egocentric.

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We prioritize relationships over task. In creating and living in community we value collaboration, trust, love, care & thoughtfulness. 


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We recognize that valuing, respecting & bringing our full humanity to L4E fosters honest & enriching contributions toward the Ecozoic.


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We are a learning community where all are both learners & teachers. We encourage questioning & adaptive alterations in our work.

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We approach humans & the rest of the co-evolved universe with reverence, awe and wonder.

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We believe that through strategic, tenacious & love-based work, we will succeed in prefiguring & bringing about the Ecozoic era.

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We prioritize, create, test & advocate for varied solution pathways with a spirit of positivity, courage & exploration.



Interconnectedness: Humans are interconnected with all life as a co-evolved species.

Abundance and Sufficiency: The Earth system has provided abundance and can support a thriving community of life based on gratitude, celebration and reciprocity. 

Diversity: A diversity of lifeways and of lifeforms leads to resiliency and flourishing. In our Community of Practice, we strive to incorporate and celebrate the strength arising from diversity in our students, faculty and community including gender, racial, socioeconomic, national, language and religious diversity. 

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