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Introducing a New Blog on Ecological Law

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Welcome to Leadership for the Ecozoic’s Ecological Law Blog! Since its inception, L4E has supported research on ecological law and governance, working closely with partners such as the Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA), the Australian Earth Law Alliance (AELA), the Center for Environmental Ethics and Law (CEEL), the University of Siena, the Earth Law Center (ELC) and Vermont Law School (VLS) the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, the UN Harmony with Nature program and the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). A common concern of these groups is that the concept of ecological law rigorously maintain its holistic, ecocentric foundation, as expressed, for example, in ELGA’s Oslo Manifesto. The purpose of this blog on ecological law is to contribute to the effort to maintain the integrity of ecological law, so that it does not suffer the dilution of its meaning, as has occurred with terms such as sustainable development and sustainability.

We are pleased to kick off this blog series with a blogpost by Gabriel D’Astous and Larissa Parker on the concept of ecological law generally and the effort to use ecological law case studies to give the concept of ecological law meaning in concrete, real world settings. We will continue to post short articles on ecological law themes. We welcome reactions from our readers, so please use the comments function to share your thoughts on our posts (comments will be moderated).

Geoff Garver

L4E Coordinator of Law and Governance Research

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1 Comment

Jul 23, 2021

Fantastic development. I am solidly in support.

Irikefe V. Dafe, President and Founder, River Ethiope Trust Foundation.

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