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Katrina Burch

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University


Katrina is a PhD student and multimedia artist in the Department of Anthropology at McGill University combining community-driven research and artistic practice through sensory ethnography. Her doctorate explores the ephemeral poetics of timing and place in the intricacies of rotational farming practices in northern Thailand and the resurgence of this traditional livelihood for Indigenous Karen in the face of cryptocolonial conservation laws. In this context, Katrina is led by women's economies of care, looking at food sovereignty from a maternal-medicinal perspective, while sharing a personal interest in ancestral grieving/healing at the nexus/interface of body, spirits and land. Through this work, Katrina is developing sensory ethnography as a form of art, wherein hope, beauty, grief and pleasure can nourish philosophical insight with/in the emotional politics of everyday life. Katrina is guided by listening as a practice of cosmological attunement that moves with and beyond the human. With the L4E, she aims to inspire environmental stewardship through her artistic leadership and to encourage partnerships with inter-peoples’ alliances through collaborative filmmaking (incl. photography and music). Katrina holds an MA in Anthropology from the University of Toronto and an MSc in Archaeology from Leiden University. She is a musician and amateur 35mm photographer, and since 2019, a devoted mother. 

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