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Katie Kish

Collaborator – York University


Katie Kish is a Research Associate for the Global Footprint Network and Ecological Footprint Project at York University. In her role with the Footprint team, she supports knowledge synthesis and mobilization of the team’s research. She has a Ph.D. in Social and Ecological Sustainability from the University of Waterloo and a background in complex systems thinking and ecological economics which she applies to research on production, labour, and open knowledge commons. She is also a lecturer of ecological economics at the Haida Gwaii Institute and a Research Fellow with Economics for the Anthropocene.



Paying Attention: Big Data and Social Advertising as Barriers to Ecological Change

In: Sustainability. 2020. 


Liberty and the Ecological Crisis: Freedom on a Finite Planet.

Edited by: Katie Kish, Chris Orr & Bruce Jennings. Routledge, 2019. 


The Revolution Will Be Handmade

In: Solutions, April 2019. 


Ecological Limits of the Sustainable Development Goals

Contributors: Katie Kish & Quilley, S. In: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Taylor & Francis Group. 2019. 


Wicked Tensions of Low Growth Economics.

Contributors: Katie Kish & Quilley, S. In: Ecological Economics, 142. 2017.


What About My Pineapples?: The Wicked Implications of Nonlinearity, Embedded Systems, and Transformative Social Goals

In: Health in the Anthropocene.. 2020. 

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