Josh Sterlin

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University


Joshua received his BA in Anthropology from McGill University in 2013. He then spent two years as a student and teacher at the Wilderness Awareness School in Washington State. There, he spent time learning to put his anthropological training into rewilding practice. Returning to academia, he received an MSc in People and Environment (Anthropology) at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Presently, he is in the process of completing a PhD in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences (Renewable Resources). Working in the boundary waters of philosophy, anthropology, and ecology Joshua’s research interests include the ancient roots of the Anthropocene, the metaphysical bases of non-anthropocentric worldviews, the semiotics of emergent living systems, the possibilities of cross cultural cosmology, and the relationship of people to their environment in all their multivalent facets.



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From the Anthropocene to Mutual Thriving: An Agenda for Higher Education in the Ecozoic

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