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Jane Calderbank

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University

Jane Calderbank.jpg

Jane Calderbank is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at McGill University. Jane previously studied social Anthropology at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, concentrating on Science, Environment, and Technology studies. Her thesis, Springtime Dwelling: The Poetics of Pacific Northwest Salmon (2021), examines the spatiotemporal aspects of Spring Chinook salmon; namely, Jane elaborates cyclical and seasonal relation between fish, people, and the riverscape. Jane continues to sense how creativity and stochasticity coalesce in the continual re-making of rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Her ongoing project addresses wildness, infrastructure, and ecological grief in understanding the semiotic-poetic emergence of the salmonid “real.” Her research is generative, grounded in a practice of memory and imagination. Jane is an absurdist (long-distance) hiker and trail runner; she loves to play with her own sense of scale whilst negotiating the mountainous textures of her home landscape. 

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