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Ivan D. Vargas Roncancio

Postdoctoral Fellow – McGill University

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Ivan has a PhD from the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University, a B.Laws, and an LL.M. (Law and Bioscience) from the National University of Colombia. He has been a postdoctoral fellow with the Leadership for the Ecozoic (L4E) program (2021-22) and is co-writing a book on Pedagogies for the Ecozoic. He is an active member of a cross-cultural team of academics and practitioners supporting the co-creation of the Indigenous Biocultural University led by the Inga people of Colombia (2019 -) and has worked with Andean-Amazonian communities since 2011. Iván has been a research fellow at the Center for Public Policy Research (University of California at Davis, 2011-2013), an institutional ethnographer for the Everyday Peace Indicators Project (George Mason University, 2017-18) and a Caldas scholar (COLCIENCIAS-Colombia, 2013-2016). He has published on Earth Law and the rights of nature, Indigenous legal traditions and cosmologies in the Amazon, anthropology of plant-human relations, and critical pedagogies. Iván is currently the Associate Director of Cicada


Vargas Roncancio, I.D and Mutumbajoy Sonia (2023). “Indigenous Community” in Haddad B. and Solomon B (Eds), Dictionary of Ecological Economics, Cheltenham UK/ Northampton-USA: Edward Elgar Press. 


Vargas Roncancio, I.D and Mutumbajoy Sonia (2023). “Indigenous Rights” in Haddad B. and Solomon B (Eds), Dictionary of Ecological Economics, Cheltenham UK/ Northampton-USA: Edward Elgar Press. 


Vargas Roncancio, I.D. (2023). “Law as Relation and the Co-emergence of Beings: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Legal Education for Socioecological Transitions.” In Thomas Giddens and Dundee Luca Siliquini-Cinelli (Eds). Life and the Structures of the Law School: The Biopolitics of Legal Education. Vol. 2 (Resisting the Law School). London – NY: Routledge. 


Vargas Roncancio, I.D. „Eine Welt, in die viele Welten passen“, in: ARCH+ 250 The Great Repair – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft (Dezember 2022), Page 154–159, hier S. 154. Link: /  

Vargas Roncancio, I.D. et al. “An Indigenous University.” In The Architectural Review, Fall 2022.    


Vargas Roncancio, I.D., (2022) “Unas palabritas de ayer. Despertando a la Conversa. On Connections, Free Associations and Political Possibilities in Latin America.” In Molano P., Rocha-Vivas, M., & Rojas-Sotelo, M., (eds). Mingas de la Imagen. Estudios Ecocríticos, Indígenas e Interculturales, Bogotá: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.


Posthuman legalities. New Materialism and Law Beyond the Human.

Anna Grear, Emille Boulot, Iván Darío Vargas-Roncancio, and Joshua Sterlin (Editors). 2021. Edward Elgar Publishing.


“Yoco (Paullinia yoco)”  

Vargas Roncancio, I.D. (2021). In Ryan, J., Gagliano, M., and Vieira, P., (eds.) The Mind of Plants. Synergetic Press: Santa Fe. 


Conjuring Sentient Beings and Relations in the Law:  A Comparative Praxis of Legal Cosmologies.

Vargas, I. D. (2021). In Anker, K., Burdon, P., Garver, G., Maloney, Carla S.,  (Eds).  From Environmental to Ecological Law. Routledge - Taylor & Francis. 


“Indigenous Legalities” - Chapter 25

Vargas Roncancio, I.D., and Chindoy, H., (2020).  In Zelle, A., Wilson, G., Adam, R., Greene, H., (eds.). Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law. A practitioner’s Guide. Aspen Coursebook Series. Wolters Kluwer.   


“Why would the fish pain debate be so contentious?” Forum Letter in response to Vettese T. et al (2020) “The Great Fish Pain Debate: What happens when scientists get hooked on a question that could be argued forever?”

Gagliano, Monica & Vargas Roncancio, Ivan Darío, (2020). In Issues in Science and Technology, Summer, 49-53.  


Forest on Trial: Towards a Relational Theory of Legal Agency for Transitions into the Ecozoic.

In: Liberty and the Ecological Crisis: Freedom on a Finite Planet. 2019. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 2.51.37 PM.png

From the Anthropocene to Mutual Thriving: An Agenda for Higher Education in the Ecozoic

L4E Contributors:  Ivan Vargas Roncancio, Leah Temper, Joshua Sterlin, Nina L. Smolyar, Shaun Sellers, Maya Moore, Rigo Melgar-Melgar, Jolyon Larson, Catherine Horner, Jon D. Erickson, Megan Egler, Peter G. Brown, Emille Boulot, Tina Beigi and Michael Babcock


Nomadic ecologies: Plants, embodied knowledge, and temporality in the Colombian Amazon

In: Boletin de Antropologia. Vol. 32, # 53. 2017.


Plants and the Law: Vegetal Ontologies and the Rights of Nature. a Perspective from Latin America

In: Australian Feminist Law Journal. Vol.43, # 1. 2017.


Elementos para una evaluación de los cultivos transgénicos en América Latina: apuntes desde el marxismo ecológico

In: Revista de la Maestria en Derecho Economico.Vol. 6. # 6. 2010.

cover_issue_3424_es_ES (1).jpg

Contratos de acceso a recursos genéticos: un análisis comparado

In: Pensamiento Juridico. # 27. 2010.

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