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Irène Svoronos

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University

Irène Svoronos.jpg

Irène is pursuing a PhD in the Department of Anthropology at McGill University. She’s interested in domestication processes, the human aspects of conservation, the anthropology of ethics and freedom, and human/animals relationships. She believes that imagination matters, and that we ought to pay close attention to what people value, hope to achieve, wish to do, and wish for in their life, to what is not yet there, and might never be.


Irène also holds a keen interest in methodology and collaborative research. She is fascinated by new media, sound and radio broadcast, narratives of adventures, ‘discovery’ and heroes. Outside academia, she founded Courrier du Vent, an historical snailmail subscription set in 1896. Irène is a close reader of modern myths, science-fiction, Solarpunk fiction, and fantasy books. She’s interested in alternative and utopian communities and ideologies, and believes strongly in an anthropology of the good, even in dark times. 

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