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Emille Boulot 

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University



Emille has completed a PhD in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University and is now a Lecturer in Law at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Emille graduated from Monash University, Melbourne with first class honours in law and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry and Conservation Biology.  Emille also has a Masters of Environmental Governance (Polar, Climate and Oceans) and is admitted to the Supreme Court of Tasmania as an Australian Lawyer. Emille has a background in legal and regulatory studies and research and her work takes place at the interface of science, society and policy. Growing up in Tasmania, famed for its natural environment and watershed environmental campaigns, Emille has developed a keen awareness and interest in social and environmental justice issues. She  is passionate about better understanding our natural world and legal systems and how our legal systems and processes could interact and better reflect our natural systems to create interconnected ecological communities. Emille enjoys hiking in the mountains, biking through the bush, being in the ocean, cooking for her family and friends as well as thinking about what it means to be human and alive.



Posthuman legalities. New Materialism and Law Beyond the Human.

Anna Grear, Emille Boulot, Iván Darío Vargas-Roncancio, and Joshua Sterlin (Editors). 2021. Edward Elgar Publishing.


Steps Towards a Legal Ontological Turn: Proposals for Law's Place beyond the Human

L4E Contributors:  Emille Boulot & Joshua Sterlin. In  Transnational Environmental Law, 1-26. 2021

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 2.51.37 PM.png

From the Anthropocene to Mutual Thriving: An Agenda for Higher Education in the Ecozoic

L4E Contributors:  Ivan Vargas Roncancio, Leah Temper, Joshua Sterlin, Nina L. Smolyar, Shaun Sellers, Maya Moore, Rigo Melgar-Melgar, Jolyon Larson, Catherine Horner, Jon D. Erickson, Megan Egler, Peter G. Brown, Emille Boulot, Tina Beigi and Michael Babcock In: Sustainability 2019, 11(12), 3312.

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