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Aaron Vansintjan

Postdoctoral Fellow – University of Vermont



Aaron Vansintjan is a Postdoctoral Associate with the Leadership for the Ecozoic at the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont. His research has two directions. First, his research focuses on how seemingly progressive green developments may often be exclusive and lead to displacement. Second, his research is about the how of a social-ecological transformation, a question he is exploring from the perspectives of ecological economics, degrowth, political economy and policy, and the social movements that can make it happen.


Aaron completed his PhD, titled A Piece of Land is a Piece of Gold: Gentrification, Value, and Material Life in 2021, in which he studied the phenomenon of green gentrification in Hanoi and Vietnam, through the lenses of urban political ecology, food justice, and the commons. He is a co-editor of Uneven Earth, a website focusing on environmental politics, co-author of The Future is Degrowth with Verso Books, and editor of In Defense of Degrowth by Giorgos Kallis. He is a member of the Barcelona Laboratory for Urban and Environmental Justice and Research & Degrowth.

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