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Tina Beigi

L4E PhD Fellow – McGill University


Tina has completed a PhD in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences. She holds a MSc in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University. She has worked as an environmental scientist and engineer to evaluate the ecological impact of the mining industry in vulnerable regions to climate variability such as the Arctic. She has experience in environmental and waste management systems. Her research interests are centered around political ecology, world-system theory, and international trade. She is particularly revisiting the notion of world-system analysis from the perspective of flows of matter and energy, thermodynamics and ecological footprint. In her collaboration with L4E, she investigates the question of ecologically unequal exchange and its acceleration via trade agreements and financialization.




Contributors: Beigi. Tina. In Wastiary – A Bestiary of Waste. UCL Press. 2023


Stains of Empire: accumulation by contamination in the Gulf

Contributors: Michael Hennessy Picard  & Tina Beigi. in Journal of Energy History. July, 2020. 


Regimes of waste (im)perceptibility in the life cycle of metal

Contributors: Tina Beigi & Michael Hennessy Picard. in Transnational Legal Theory. June 2020. 


California Fires: The Remorseless Revenge of History – A Paradise Lost

Contributors: Tina Beigi & Michael Hennessy Picard. In October 2019. 


How war bombs and resource extractivism compress past, present, and future

On GND Series, September, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 2.51.37 PM.png

From the Anthropocene to Mutual Thriving: An Agenda for Higher Education in the Ecozoic

L4E Contributors:  Ivan Vargas Roncancio, Leah Temper, Joshua Sterlin, Nina L. Smolyar, Shaun Sellers, Maya Moore, Rigo Melgar-Melgar, Jolyon Larson, Catherine Horner, Jon D. Erickson, Megan Egler, Peter G. Brown, Emille Boulot, Tina Beigi and Michael Babcock

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