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Leah Temper

L4E Research Associate - McGill University



Dr. Leah Temper is an ecological economist, scholar activist and filmmaker based at McGill University, Montreal and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is the founder and co-director of the Global Atlas of Environmental Justice, an initiative mapping ecological conflicts and spaces of resistance around the world, and Research Associate for the Leadership for the Ecozoic project. She is currently Principal Investigator of the ACKnowl-EJ project (Activist-academic Co-production of Knowledge for Environmental Justice) which examines how transformative alternatives are born from resistance against extractivism. Previously, she was the Director of USC Canada’s Seeds of Survival Program International, which supports farmer-led research in plant genetic resources, agro-biodiversity and agro-ecology in 10 countries; and the scientific coordinator of the EJOLT (Environmental Justice Organizations Liabilities and Trade) project. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and is the co-editor of the book Ecological Economics from the Ground Up.



Learning and teaching through the online Environmental Justice Atlas. From empowering activists to motivating students. Pedagogy of EJAtlas

Walter, M., Weber L., Temper, L. (2020)

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From the Anthropocene to Mutual Thriving: An Agenda for Higher Education in the Ecozoic

L4E Contributors:  Ivan Vargas Roncancio, Leah Temper, Joshua Sterlin, Nina L. Smolyar, Shaun Sellers, Maya Moore, Rigo Melgar-Melgar, Jolyon Larson, Catherine Horner, Jon D. Erickson, Megan Egler, Peter G. Brown, Emille Boulot, Tina Beigi and Michael Babcock

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Environmental Justice Atlas

 Founder & Co-Director: Leah Temper


Ecological Economics from the Ground Up

Editors: Leah Temper, Hali Healy, Joan Martinez-Alier, Mariana Walter, Julien-Francois Gerber

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