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James Magnus-Johnston

L4E PhD Fellow - McGill University


James Magnus-Johnston copy.png

James Magnus-Johnston is the Director of the Centre for Resilience at Canadian Mennonite University, where he teaches in the fields of business and political studies; he’s also a Board Director with the Assiniboine Credit Union. He has an MPhil in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, where he studied the ecological impacts of the debt-based money system. He has a BA with majors in Political Studies (Hons), Rhetoric & Communications, and Theatre (Hons, Gold Medal) from the University of Winnipeg. James previously worked in the financial industry, in public policy positions, and as a social entrepreneur – helping to establish a food cooperative (The Farm Fresh Food Hub), a coffee shop (Fools + Horses), a composting service (Compost Winnipeg), and a coworking / experiential learning hub (the CMU Centre for Resilience). With a decade of teaching and working in the sphere of ecological economics, James is focusing his work at McGill on the development of a new urban land trust prototype to meet social, ecological, and financial needs. James would often rather be singing, and he lives in the woods.



What is the Steady State Economy?

In: A Future Beyond Growth: Towards a Steady State Economy. 2016.


Carbon Pricing and Climate Mitigation Backgrounder - Part I of II

On January 2017.


Guess What Trudeau Said About Growth?

In: CASSE & Resilience.0rg. November 2015. 


What Kind of Future Does Your Degree Prepare You For?

In: CASSE & Resilience.0rg. September 2015. 

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