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Dan Garand

Research Fellow- McGill University


Dan Garand.png

Dan comes to L4E with nearly 3 decades of experience in mapping and the map publishing industry.  As the past president of ProGeo Maps & Guides he has helped millions of map users solve problems in logistics, navigation, tourism, sales, marketing and public security. His company served private equity firms, banks, transportation companies, national security agencies, utilities, airlines, and retail franchises, many of whom are on the roster of the world’s most well known companies. 

Inspired by the vision of L4E, Dan is looking forward to contributing his extensive expertise in cartography, map publishing, graphic design, marketing and sales. 


In the last few decades, Dan has watched with curiosity and interest at how modern cartographical methods played an important and essential role in the task of modern day storytelling. He has also been fascinated by the power of maps to engage and engender community, shift age old paradigms and reveal previously undiscovered relationships among various points in time and space. It is his firm view and experience that thoughtfully conceived, researched and designed maps can change minds, sway opinions and therefore change our world for the better.


Dan has been married for 40 years, has 4 children and lives with his wife and their young energetic Golden Retriever. They are surrounded by maple forests, apple orchards, and blueberry farms on the foothills of the Adirondacks in the small rural town of Franklin, Quebec.

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